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Facebook Campaigns & Strategies

Facebook Campaigns & Strategies is a great outlet for communicating with friends and family. As a result, many car dealerships have tapped into that potential. Facebook has even enhanced several social media strategies.

A press release is one of the most economical and least difficult approaches to keep you in the public eye.

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Use Google Analytics

Website owners probably know Google Analytics as a good resource for tracking their traffic. But its usefulness also extends to Facebook campaigns. There is a concept in marketing known as Return On Investment (ROI). Knowing your ROI can help you to determine whether your Facebook campaign is working and how you could adjust it.

Know The Best Posting Times

If a car dealership were to post a deal at 3 AM, for example, it might not see that much traffic. While 3 AM is obviously a bad posting time, it is not always easy to discern when you can reach your target audience. Do some research into when your audience is available. People check Facebook when they wake up in the morning, during lunch breaks and after work.

Use Facebook Live

Consumers are more likely to watch a video than read a post. Facebook Live is particularly attractive for several reasons. It helps to let your audience know a little more about you as a person. If they see the human element, they are more likely to make a purchase. Also, if you have a Q&A with your audience, it will help to generate ideas and insight about future campaigns. Consumers will know that your dealership is listening to them.

Create Real Content

As an auto dealership, there are a lot of opportunities for helpful content. Express your expertise by sharing articles about repairs, the benefits of buying a car rather than leasing one, property tax information, changing a tire, and more. Then your audience will come to your Facebook page for information. When they are thinking of buying a new car, your dealership will already be on their mind.

Offer Giveaways

This is one of the staple social media strategies. Obviously most dealerships would not be in a position to give away a vehicle, but they could give away something else, like a discount or some vehicle accessory. This will be a great way to get the audience to engage with your content and highlight your dealership among the locals.

Schedule Your Posts

Facebook has a feature that allows pages to schedule their posts for a future date and time. Consistency is integral to success on social media, so even if you do not have the time to stay online constantly, your dealership can still have a presence through your automated posts.

Respond To Everything

If somebody says, “Thank you for sharing this!” just reply with something simple and positive. But dealerships should even respond to negative comments and criticisms. It shows adaptability and that you care about what your customers think.

Compete With Other Dealerships

Businesses should constantly survey the market to see what their competitors are up to. If their product has some deficiency, then you can take advantage of that. If they are offering a deal, you should offer a better one. Stay on top of their Facebook page. When they post a discount, offer a slightly better deal on your page.

Engage With Other Facebook Pages

This one is a little different from engaging with competitors. In this case, you are reaching out to influential bloggers who have earned the respect of a wide audience. Starting tagging them in your posts, citing them for statistics or facts that they share, and see their response. They may direct their audience to your page.

Use Graphics

Facebook users are typically not on social media to read an essay. They are on to laugh with friends and take it easy. But you can still share good information without being too daunting. Create a few insightful, yet catchy graphics.

Call To Action

There should be one on most of your posts. It does not necessarily have to prompt them to come to or call the dealership. Say something like, “If you enjoyed this post, please like or share it with your friends!” Interestingly, people are more likely to take action when somebody asks them to.

Integrate Facebook Plugins

When users come to your dealership’s website, they probably do not want to create an account to interact with it. Let them use their Facebook account. Facebook plugins will allow them to “Like” your website or comment on blog posts from Facebook.

Take Advantage of Big Events

If the local high school is holding graduation soon, write some posts congratulating them and encourage parents to pick out a model for their graduate. This is one of the Facebook strategies that could be applied several times throughout the year. The dealership should mark holidays by offering discounts.

Contribute To A Cause

You should probably avoid controversial social issues unless you want to lose half of your audience. Choose something like starvation or animal abuse and talk about it on your page. Consumers will feel a connection with your dealership and then will be more likely to shop there when they need a vehicle.

Encourage Employees To Use Facebook

Employee use of social media provide free Facebook strategies by reaching out to their audience. You could reward those who employees who are willing to share the dealership’s content.

Facebook is one of the most efficient methods of reaching a large audience. Do some research to learn how to tap into that potential.