Search Engine Optimization

Search specializes in search engine optimization tactics like keyword enriched content editing, reciprocal linking and source code optimizing. We also focus on developing sites that consist of useful and relevant industry information that will rank it higher than a commercialized “self-promoting” site.

Because the Internet is dynamic and search engine algorithms change regularly, we may also recommend other strategies, depending on the competitiveness of the industry.

We employ a combination of valuable, proven Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing techniques that can significantly improve your website’s ranking and position on the Internet. Depending on your budget and needs, there are a variety of methods that can significantly improve Internet visibility, including:

✓   Optimized Head, Title and Tags
✓   Keyword Enriched Web Copy and Dynamic Content
✓   Blogging / RSS Feeds
✓   Online Press Release Submissions
✓   Linking from Authority Sites
✓   Google Page Ranking
✓   Google Adwords
✓   Google Adsense
✓   Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
✓   Search Engine Submissions
✓   Directory and Inclusion Campaigns
✓   SEO Statistical Web Analytics